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November 22nd, 2019, 03:51
Originally Posted by khaight View Post
Most of us survive by performing services in exchange for currency. That's kind of what employment is.
Tsk it's a joke man relax. Still what I said is true.

Hmm… wonder how many developers have paid him to use his name since he left Obsidian?(Pst I'm not an Avellone fanboy who worships the ground he walks on either.)
Originally Posted by you View Post
Bethesda pretty much killed support since it didn't sell well.
Not just Prey either it seems most of their published games in the last few's years have under-performed with sales. It's caused a shift in how they will fund future games.

Lets not forget all the negative PR due to Fallout 76 also. It's a shame and it seems their campaign boasting about supporting SP games is being proved false.
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Most assuredly!! I loved Arx and was EXTREMELY disappointed that no sequel was made!!!!
Would be nice to see a modern Arx Fatalis. A few news games have tried but failed.
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