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March 20th, 2010, 23:53
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i like a outside world in a big dungeon.
Dugeons including few parts of real world like area is often great.

The key of dungeon is to allow manage much more easily obstacles than outside world. That's why tricky exploration is dungeon kingdoms and in comparison outside exploration is rather pathetic and obvious.

If you don't like dungeons, use towers, it's same usage with one exception, it's hole design. In a dungeon it makes you fall further where you didn't explored, in a tower it makes you fall in a level already explored but possibly not a part already explored in the level.

Here some design elements to possibly make dungeons better:
  • Multiple links between levels, through holes, rivers, stairs, elevators. You can setup many interesting progression with such stuff and even more with games allowing party splitting.
  • Let nature invade many dungeon parts this will tune down a lot any claustrophobic feeling dungeons can involve.
  • Don't forget add some amazing, surprising and stunning large cave, if well achieved the good effect is guaranty.
  • No true maze, more than outside, repetitions should be avoided in dungeons.
  • Use complex structures and forget old flat dungeon levels, think more like Ultima Underworld did.
  • Give previews of next level further through open view to lower levels.
  • The great game design tool of dungeons is to use walls for obstacle but don't limit your obstacles design to walls. Use holes, water, lava, force field. All have different usages.
There's a lot to do and not really done in more modern games and dungeons that's why it's an excellent thematic goal.
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