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April 15th, 2014, 09:42
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Of course, no word about the actual reasons.
The obvious reason is years of wasted development, and lack of resources to continue development. They decided to just focus on Dust, and EVE Online.

If only Obsidian had the chance to make their World of Darkness RPG instead a few years ago. I fear the IP is officially dead as nothing has been made since Bloodlines.

The only bright-side of this is they might sell the IP now.
Q: So are doing to do a Microsoft and hold onto the ip indenfently or will buying it be an option. Exploring options counts as an answer. A LOT of people where looking forword to this iv got a facebook group im part of already calling for blood (i don't think their joking either)

If this is not handled correct their could be significant backlash from the wider communty. This is a sad day for gaming

A: This will be looked at over the next few months. The WoD IP is very valuable and nothings been decided at the moment.
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