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December 11th, 2008, 11:42
A title needs to be somewhat highly rated to begin with to be "over"-rated… Noone had any expectations for, nor rated Gothic 3 forsaken gods very highly

EDIT: I havent played that many new games in -08, and the few I bought exceeded my expectations.

I can see why he puts Civ4:Colonization both on his top ten and top ten disappointments list, but given that I belong to the minority that doesnt fully appreciate Civ4 I wouldnt say that game disappointed me (and going by the reviews I've seen it doesnt seem that overrated either). The game is fairly typical modern Firaxis fare, a minimal facelift (of the civ 4 rather than the original colonization concept), some cartoonish graphics (also present in the original), and relatively competent execution. Not too inspired but not crap either, and for those who enjoy Civ4 it must feel like an excellent mod.
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