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December 11th, 2008, 20:20

1. Age of Conan - I like the game in its current state, and I might still end up considering it the best MMORPG. But at launch it was in an extremely poor shape in so many ways, and it's only just recently it has begun to resemble a functional piece of software.

2. Mass Effect - Actually, an overall pretty good game. However, I expected MUCH more from Bioware than this. Crappy combat system, horrible character development system, and utterly uninspired item design. Sidequests were repetitive in the extreme and the story was merely decent.

3. Pirates of the Burning Sea - This is nothing at all like I hoped it would be. I'm a big fan of pirate games, and the developers made this one sound like it had everything I could ever want. The execution, however, was boring and bland. What a letdown.


1. GTA4 - Archaic gameplay structure, primarily in terms of the awfully outdated checkpoint save system. Everyone raves about the characters and the story, and yet I experienced nothing profound during my playthrough. Nothing whatsoever. I completed it by being stubborn as hell. The last few missions were frustrating and the ending was a major letdown.

2. Fallout 3 - Good game overall, but the hype is unreal. The primary problem is the overly forgiving gameplay, and the severely dumbed down character development system. Skills are too easily maxed and they don't feel distinct or important enough. They removed traits which was a wonderful feature of the old Fallouts. Finally, the dialogue and story is just not up to the Fallout legacy, and Bethesda need to reconsider who they hire as writers. I don't find the world more immersive or plausible because 75% of the population are completely bonkers, and the rest are murderous scum without the glee and giggles. Try basing it on something closer to reality if you want immersion.

3. Portal. Someone has to say this. Cute idea - great - but let's be real. Nice concept executed well, but just because the developers have a sense of humor and can put together random bits of personality quirks and "story", and slap on a cute tune - it does not mean a classic is born. Simply too limited for the praise it got.




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