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February 6th, 2011, 11:04
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The Nehrim guys made their mod work with a single installer. How are these guys unable to do that? Are they that much worse? Could they ask the Nehrim guys for help on how to set that up?
That's quite unfair to compare to since the Nehrim install itn't even nearly as advanced.

MGE changes the graphics to a whole new level with completely new shaders (more "next gen" than Oblivion's shaders), much better draw distance, new FOV, lots and lots of other stuff.

The Code Patch alters the .exe file to fix bugs and it even makes some additions to the game. Quite unbeliavable they've acutally manged to do that without having access to the source code.

What you should be comparing it to is to install everything manually, then you'll understand how easy this really is. I probably spent weeks installing MGE and mods the first time (100 or so mods) heh, this is nothing..

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for one reason or another, I never had the chance to play or even know the lore behind Morrowind. Is it worth trying?
Do you enjoy free roaming RPG's then of course, it's the best one (and imo the most beautiful one) out there.

It does require a very good computer though to get a smooth (30'ish) framerate.
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