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November 8th, 2012, 19:09
Good! While I enjoy some combat, I prefer games that have a well-balanced rpg diet I like playing a pacifist sometimes, so I hope a light-combat playthough is possible. I would never play Dark Souls, for instance. Mount and Blade got about 3 hours from me. It's ironic that these guys want to build a crpg but they don't mention anything made in less than a decade ago as an influence. Do they know their audience, is a legitimate question. I'm hoping for a New Vegas-type game, with a different perspective. Time will tell…..

I get a little bit of an elitist vibe from the main poster for Bare Mettle. A little bit of, " I don't like the way anyone else has done fantasy crpgs, and I can do better". Oh, really? You want money from people who enjoy fantasy crpgs, right? Then maybe you better have a deeper appreciation of what has come before, or you look like a snob. It is much better to praise what you like in other games than to downplay what you don't. I don't really think he feels that way, but I'm not sure.
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