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November 8th, 2012, 20:04
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Good! While I enjoy some combat, I prefer games that have a well-balanced rpg diet I like playing a pacifist sometimes, so I hope a light-combat playthough is possible. I would never play Dark Souls, for instance. Mount and Blade got about 3 hours from me. It's ironic that these guys want to build a crpg but they don't mention anything made in less than a decade ago as an influence. Do they know their audience, is a legitimate question. I'm hoping for a New Vegas-type game, with a different perspective. Time will tell…..

I get a little bit of an elitist vibe from the main poster for Bare Mettle. A little bit of, " I don't like the way anyone else has done fantasy crpgs, and I can do better". Oh, really? You want money from people who enjoy fantasy crpgs, right? Then maybe you better have a deeper appreciation of what has come before, or you look like a snob. It is much better to praise what you like in other games than to downplay what you don't. I don't really think he feels that way, but I'm not sure.
Agree, for those who don't know the genere they need some references to other similar games or influences. We will wait and see, I pledged the minimum and hope to hear more (political) updates from them.
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