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June 9th, 2019, 14:42
- We know mind flayers are aiming to reclaim their empire and that they are targeting Baldur's Gate for some purpose.

The questions to ask for me are:
What has changed to make mind flayers ascendant and no longer as fearful of the Gith?
- A Nautiloid is a flying ship that was considered rare and allowed, in the past, the mind flayers to establish and maintain a space empire. Perhaps these ships are no longer rare and they can now construct them. Swen has mentioned a spelljammer influence.
-Something must of happened to the Gith to diminish them in some capacity

What do we know about mind flayers and how they function?

-We know that they often have thralls and that they need a supply of brains to sustain themselves or they will die.
-We know that mind flayers do not like direct sunlight so will they seek to plunge the world into darkness?
-We know that mind flayers have been known to experiment on other creatures so I expect weird creatures such as cranium rats and mind worms.
-We know that they are planar travelers so they are bound to bring with them weird artifacts from other realms.

What is the importance of Baldur's Gate?

-Strategically it is a major port and by establishing dominion you can stop the flow of goods into and out of the city.
-It is a seat of power for the region
-The Flaming Fist is staffed by retired adventurers who could maybe be of some assistance. Assuming they don't all get wiped out.

So the plot is probably mind flayer empire seeks to plunge the world into darkness while re-establishing its empire. They may also be seeking an artifact or some boondoggle of some significance in Baldur's Gate.
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