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November 28th, 2020, 15:09
I want to thank everyone who gave me feathers. Meanwhile I do have unicorns ( I do need them, Corwin ! ) , I don't have many feathers for alts. So this was really useful. Thank you.

Corwin : If you want to see a really weird and whimsical story, then take a few days and play slowly through the Feywild. It is really fun. Everything is a bit different there.

Peter : No idea regarding ranks, I really don't count them much. All I can say is that my own character is "level 4 (rank 20)" now.

dte : Do we get Coin Lords favor this way ? I didn't do Korthos on elite, because I feared - being a first-lifer again - I would be too much ahead of the group regarding xp.

Anyroad, as the people in the Feywild say , I'm still planning do get through my Feywild Illusionist Enhancement tree. I will use another school as some kind of backup, but the Illusionist is my primary road now, since it is just too great for my curiosity to resist.
As a Wizard, I'm not going the CHA route, though. Through 2 points in Harper tree I can get INT for melee fighting, too. If I understood things correctly.
Most enhancements in that tree seem to be neutral, though. Their descriptions explicitely say "highest of INT/CHA/WIS". A few are enabling CHA through the Familiar, but as a Wizard, I don't put points into that, of course.

I think that the Illusionist could or would ? be played rather as a melee character, similar to the Eldritch Knight. However, there are ranged spells with Force, too. Which I'm planning to focus on. (Now completely fixed, though. I'm making up my mind on the go, because I really don't have experience with that tree. I'll take what makes most sense and seems to be trongest).

I think I had somewhere already written that those Illusionist Shadowblades are Shortswords. (One can give normal weapons Force damage through other Illusionist spells as well.)
From that i had deduced that Drow with Vulkoor as a Deity could get a Favoured Weapon bonus, since Drow -> Vulkoor -> Shortswords.
Swashbuckler can give a Shortsword bonus as well, if I understoof that tree correctly.
I have an yet unused bard mule with which I'll try that : Swashbuckler + Illusionist, going the Charisma route.
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