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January 9th, 2008, 22:51
Pete Hines sends word of a dev diary at the official Fallout 3 site written by Emil Pagliarulo. The piece profiles the Brotherhood of Steel and how they came to the east coast, so this is something for everyone to read and for the canon keepers to argue over:
How, exactly, does one worship technology?
Is it as simple as praying to a golden, robotic calf? Perhaps “god” is recognized as some kind of sentient artificial intelligence who demands subservience in exchange for feats and favors?
Or maybe, just maybe, the human race has already answered this question: technology is worshipped, simply and plainly, through obsession and attainment. We are a people dominated by technology, from our electrically-powered cities right down to our scientifically engineered anti-depressant medications. And every Sunday mass we miss to stay home and watch football on our HDTVs is further proof that now, more than ever, technology is the deity we hold most dear.
Now imagine all of that compulsion, all of that addiction we as an entire race share, and encapsulate it into one group of people. Imagine the obsession and fervor, the unending need for technological superiority, and the ultimate futility of such a goal.
Imagine, if you will, the Brotherhood of Steel.
Four pieces of new concept art accompany the article. Thanks, Pete!
More information.
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