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March 20th, 2020, 18:17
Hi Watch.

I have 2 other friends looking to take the edge off armageddon by playing some RPG or RPG-like games together online late evenings. Looking for suggestions from the Watch.

DDO and LOTRO too dated for this group. Otherwise DDO would be my top choice in terms of gameplay. But just too old for us now.

Tried Neverwinter last night and found it pretty bland. Anyone think we should tough it out and give more time?

Divinity Original Sin 2 would be great. But two of the players have finished multiple times. Same with DoS1.

Not really interested in hack-n-slash stuff like Diablo or similar.

Was looking at online version of Gloomhaven because we play that in person. But still early access and not really representative of the board game experience yet.

Thinking of trying Elder Scrolls Online.

Other recommendations welcome. No bad ideas in a brainstorm

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