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December 21st, 2008, 20:09
the booze comes from old stores and liquor cabinets, there aren't any "new" concoctions like nordmar noginfog ala gothic 3.
theres at least four brahmin pens if not way more
and at least 2 drug makers making different drugs which in my view is even better than seeing the ones making the common ones
true there are no tanners for hire but there are plenty of both butcher, doctor, etc. setups where the work could be done. the only reason to have a butcher npc would be quest related and there's so much of that gore in the game already it would be to token to have one in the game anyhow.
my guess is the hunters, canibbals are the ones producing the hides and since there presence is already fairly prolific in the game adding another village where that process occured simply was low on the priority list.
there's a hydroponics lab in rivet city producing fruits and vegetables
oh and there's an entire world outside of the capital wasteland where many of the goods could be produced that are being consumed not to mention the obvious that some of them have been collecting dust for 2 centuries. the capital wasteland "commercial product" lies in relics of the past both in technology and other more knowledge based artifacts. these are where the real trove of worth is and which is why there are a number of factions and individuals vieing for them. its not particularily often i agree with jdr but he's exactly right in that people are seriously not using there imagination. i agree that an heavily action oriented game like fallout 3 seems contrary to imagination or thought provoking, but despite some of its shallowness there are simply so many immersive qualities to it that its a shame to see how many people are missing them.
most people who are complaining about these things probably haven't put the over200 hours i've put into it in 1 1/2 playthroughs to find all of these details that are easily missed if you stick to only the main quest.
sure there are problems with this this game, but i'd agrue there are more problems with the people playing it who are coming at from all angles of biases (which i myself had and why i waited weeks to purchase it)

there can always be more
and people will never be satisfied

those are the only 2 things that are certain
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