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October 19th, 2009, 12:55
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I am disappointed that you are no longer covering MMO's. I am surprised at that as MMO's are RP games as well (clearly in a different manner) and they are important to RP players (like me). I visit this site multiple times a day, but it really is mostly to view MMO information. Your community has a lot of insights and connections in this area and I have always valued that, I am bummed that is going to now disappear.
Thanks for your feedback, though I'm sorry we are disappointing you. It's simply a matter of time and staffing. It's a time-consuming labour of love and our core staff aren't passionate MMO players. Many of us have posted MMO news as a service but I personally have reached the stage where I can't justify the time for something I'm not really interested in. While others have carried on, it really takes a passion to continue, day in, day out and after discussion, we felt it was better to focus our energies. Hope that makes sense.
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