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November 15th, 2013, 12:51
I agree with most things said, but really have to disagree with the classes being balanced.

They all seem to be - except the tinkermage.

That one is just blatantly overpowered. I am playing the game as a tinkermage on hard (which means some enemies can knock you out with very few hits) and am around 15 hours in. I am able to beat most encounters single-handedly, by not even using the other two party members. Just place two turrets and probably heal them from time to time. That's it. You will never draw any aggro as you turrets draw it all, PLUS they are very durable. If one dies, you can place another, as you can always have two turrets placed at a time and have four different turrets available.
And the abilities of those turrets are crazy (and I haven't even unlocked the second tiers of any of them):
The first turret just fires an arrow each round. Not too strong, but when leveled up, this can easily deal more damage than a specialized archer with a normal shot. Wow
The second turret is almost game-breakingly strong. It cover a large (!) area around it with with arrows that deal damage and ensnare (!!) each hit enemy (except for misses, ofc). EACH ROUND!! So pretty much a large area ensnare-damage-attack per round. Wtf? Sure, it is not as effective vs ranged units, but most enemies are melee.
The third turret is a buffing/healing turret. Least useful, IMO, except for the situation in which you fight with more allies. I only use it when I have used up the other turrets and those did not cool down yet.
The final turret casts cone of cold each round. EACH ROUND. I repeat, it casts one of the most damaging spells a sorcerer has, EACH ROUND. The only downside is that you cannot set turret targets yourself, so the turret may waste its cone on a single enemy. But still.

The 2nd and final turret together can beat many encounters on their own. On hard.
Oh, and I did not even mention that you can deal large amounts of damage yourself with the normal ranged attack (like a Shadowwalker). And from 3rd level on, you have a high chance of ensnaring your target with your normal attack.

Soloing on hard without quaffing potions like mad pre-combat is impossible with the other classes. So, yes, tinkermage is clearly more powerful than any other class. Combine it with your other party members and you can roflstomp through everything that is not clearly above your level.
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