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March 8th, 2012, 16:31
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If they are just looking to do the minimum to get the '3D Vision Ready' tag and actually plan to lock convergence down or give us two-and-a-half D - ouch.
Well, not many games get as far as "3D Vision Ready" (i.e. the best, most officially supported titles according to NVIDIA's somewhat confusing terminology), and plenty games which have been labelled Good->Excellent look really nice in 3D. As long as they're actually aiming for 3D Vision Ready we should be fine, but the wording "fully support" isn't quite specific enough for my liking. Could be something like Alan Wake, where Remedy hyped the 3D a lot in interviews etc. and it turned out to be so awful that it was being considered for a "Not Recommended" rating (last time I checked, anyway) by NVIDIA (!)…
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