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December 5th, 2012, 20:35
Yah, I had a bunch of titles on D2D as well. Never really bothered to check if everything got transferred, though. Sometimes, I accidentally buy a game that I already own - because I've forgotten about it.

I can appreciate the limited bandwidth argument. I've just moved to a new house myself, and my new connection is shit compared to the old one.

So, for that reason - I think backing up makes sense - if you tend to replay certain games or whatever. But I find that after a few years, games start needing massive patching, dlc or mods (I like the full experience when I play something) - and you end up having to download a bunch of stuff anyway. It's not like the old days where games had a set and static footprint and you could always rely on your backup to represent the "total" experience.

I guess I've just accepted that nothing is forever - my time is limited - and I can never really find the opportunity to put much of a dent in my backlog. Worrying about old games and how to store them is just a huge waste of anxiety




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