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May 3rd, 2013, 09:48
So, us Codexers have some questions Fluent, you say:

Verdict: The combat is fun, but you’ll really be missing a story or any reason at all to keep playing. Skip it.
In other words: this is a good game, but a bad story. You follow this up with the brilliant:

- Interesting skill tree with some useful skills
- Fun and challenging combat
- Crafting of weapons and armor

- Uninteresting and muddled plot
- Poorly written dialogue
- Dull, repetitive environments
Score: 2/5
In other words:

RPG Mechanics: Check, they work according to you.
Gameplay: Check, it works according to you.
Additional systems: Check, they're fun according to you.

Everything central to a game and an RPG functions, but since the graphics are repetitive and the dialogue isn't your cup of tea you fail this game?

This game might very well be terrible, this discussion is not about that, I just doubt it's as terrible as your review. As another user wrote:

Originally Posted by Clockwork Knight, post: 2640082, member: 10780
Yeah, weird review. Three paragraphs of cool features, then "low budget and not as polished as an AAA title, so no".
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