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May 3rd, 2013, 13:44
- Interesting skill tree with some useful skills
- Fun and challenging combat
- Crafting of weapons and armor

- Uninteresting and muddled plot
- Poorly written dialogue
- Dull, repetitive environments
Score: 2/5
I'm not Fluent, and can't write a review as my english pretty much sucks, but can be short about these points.

About pros:
- Some skills are not balanced very good (there are a few OP skills)
- And also repetative as the game contains mobrespawn crap design
- Which is odd at times as the second best armor in the game if upgraded has better stats than the best armor upgraded

About cons:
- Actually in my case the plot was interesting and I loved every single line of it unlike many other games where I skip the dialogue if it starts to be boring, annoying and uninteresting
- Yes the dialogue is cheesy and silly at times, but I found it fun so that can't be among cons
- I didn't see repetitive environments really, in fact with the engine used they've made pretty different things - or the reviewer speaks about the train that does repeat once.

This game is fun and IMO deserves 3/5. I'd go for 4/5 if there were no mobrespawns. I'm definetly buying it's sequel if it gets made and hope they remove the respawn crap from the game and make it bigger.
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