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October 8th, 2013, 13:33
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Why would you need substantial criticism? Are you expecting to have your own fun removed from the past with Oblivion?
No, but there could be some things I'm overlooking. I haven't finished the game yet, so maybe there are some aspects that are simply escaping me.

You had more fun with Oblivion - and that's great. I hope you're not arrogant enough to think that because you had more fun - others can't have had more fun with the other games.
Nop, it just seems that the hivemind has decided Oblivion is worse than other TES games, which is actually the reason I haven't played it before. I actually read a few times that Oblivion isn't worth buying except for Nehrim, which I don't find to be true at all.

So, if you can present your question in a mature manner and demonstrate an open mind - I'll gladly tell you why I prefer Skyrim to Oblivion. But it doesn't take much research to find people who agree with me - with a lot of details.
Why do you prefer Skyrim over Oblivion? [/mature] [and yes you can find all kinds of opinions on anything imaginable on the net ]




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