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Default item map for temple of al-shadim

November 13th, 2006, 08:49
ok this took a while, but it upset me when the first time through the game i got all but one of the five sets of items for the "search the ruins of al-shadim" quest. no one ever gives you the quest but if you've been there you know theres all these diffenent items in all the different quarters of town. so i decided to map where they all are if anyone else wanted to know as well. unfortunately all you get is a good amount of xp for completed the six quests, which no one gives you. no rep bonuses or dialog either. myxir mentions something about artifacts but it is not directly linked, probably a half completed quest like the bandits in gothic 1. also i am working on a map of all the buried treasures in varant which i will post when i finish varant. while you can't get any good items you do get lots of magic ore and explosive arrows from them i've noticed. here is a list of what you will find in the temple of al-shadim ruins.

7 stone tablets of the priests
10 urns of the guardians of the dead
7 figurines of the warriors
5 tankards of the healers
3 scrolls of the scholars

as well as 4 +5 stone tablets of ancient knowledge

heres the map…ssum/ruins.jpg

note: i derived all locations when i was facing north and drew the circles based on the center of the arrow
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