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October 24th, 2017, 02:36
I haven't seen the lock-pick bug myself. Hacking has worked okay but I have only done once so hardly a good test

On a side note - just because I mentioned it - I restarted. Found a save with only about 3 hours lost that was close to talking to the converter quest guy. It worked out to my benefit as I also found a ring - my first one - that added +20 to HP and +10 to stamina so that was worth the lost 3 hours all things considered. Plus I didn't have to kill the guy and Jora was happy.

Also bows can be deadly. Brought up a lot of arrows from the hunter guy (who I like a lot). Still melee a lot but like pulling with the bow.

So level 8, almost 9, and need to decide what to do next. I have one quest on hold as I don't like either choice - turn one guy in, break the law and get both to work together, or kill one of them. Neither really seems to deserve either fate but also not sure I want to break the law either. Before I reloaded to redo the quest I borked I had turned the guy in. Talked to him afterwards. Oh was he pissed - calling me the worlds biggest asshole lol. Not that I blame him. On the other hand he did set me up to kill someone so not like he is a decent guy. Kinda of funny guy though so … since I did a reload … leaving it open for now. Will think about it for a while or maybe just leave it unresolved in this case.

Also you can end up being a hypocrite depending on what quests you do and how you do them.

Now to maybe do some real exploring since all my remaining quests take me out of Edan for the most part.
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