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January 22nd, 2022, 16:59
Originally Posted by Feist View Post
I haven't tested the "twitch-drops", at least not yet.

If I remember correctly, back in the days before the release of "Dragon Age: Origins", there was some sort of promotional game that you could play which allowed you to unlock items in the real DA:O once it was released.

If Exp:Rome had that kind of thing, I might be more tempted by it but with only cosmetic stuff…not so much.

I also agree, there really are some funny things in the game. Lol on the achievment, I haven't gotten that one yet since I've only just conquered the opening area and set sail for the mainland.

My gaming got a bit delayed, since I started to re-watch "ROME" on HBO Max yesterday evening. It really adds a bit of extra flavour to the gameplay to go back & forth between that series and the game.
The cosmetic customization is a nice feature but I'll probably play with a few times then forget about it. Though the colours in that game are really appealing so it makes sense.

The HBO series is great, I plan to watch it again too. There were very instructive podcasts with the historical consultant for the series (Jonathan Stamp I think) that I'd recommend but I'm not sure it's still possible to find them. For now I'm busy with the Roman Empire documentary. It's a nice format IMO, short episodes interleaved with explanations from historians. Not very deep but interesting enough.
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