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June 17th, 2013, 13:53
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Haha, you guys do realize your a minority right? Find me one tech media article recently criticising anything about Apple? Even pcworld (which I worked at their office because they are now part of idg and work in same office in san francisco and I was the Macbook ebook editor for a while) loves apple and constantly they have articles how windows should do this or that to be more like apple. Fact is, I am no fanboy when you look at the world around you at large. In the office there I was actually like the most objective. The editor who fired me was named ajon Seth and was a total fanboy lame. Everything Apple did was right to him and everything anyone else did was wrong. He probably fired me because i wasnt a fanboy enough considering i havent done anything wrong there and did all the work.
Hun, there is one thing you should understand.
This is a topic about a certain game. It's called Unrest. This is not a topic about minorities, majorities, tech media, workplaces, offices (guess that includes Microsoft Office too), etc.

Now when that's settled, and after we spammed a few offtopic posts, I'll politely ask you to continue with the pcworld topic in some other thread that's about pcworld. Also, we have "politics" subsection on the forum where we can discuss minorities of any kind.
Let's respect developers of the upcoming Unrest game and keep the thread about them and their game.

Thankye. In advance.
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