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December 3rd, 2020, 09:43
Another update which took a little more than usual, still fixing / completing the technical part.
Highlights of the update are:

Reworking of the keylock system.
I decided to move the locks to the doors instead of having them stick to random walls, mostly for practical reasons. Otherwise, i would be forced to add a new keylock / lever for each door. Now each door can either have a lever handle / keylock attached or nothing at all.

Reworking of stairs.
Added more depth to them, plus some graphical variety which matches the floor being used.

Quest system.
The journal contains all the quest information, their state (active, complete & failed), plus some statistics which shows the general progress. The All statistic is a useful statistic for the player to know how much of the game's content did solve. Finally, there's a description showing all the fine details of the quest. NOTE: those quests are just a sample from the great game Exiled Kingdoms, they don't belong to game's content.

Finally, i added 2 types of chests, removing the previous low-res type. They occupy an entire square and its mechanism resembles the one used in Lands of Lore, Anvil of Dawn etc. a click on them retrieves an item from the chest.

Check a number of images:

That's all for a month's work :-)
Hope you like it
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