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February 24th, 2021, 15:59
Well, better late than never
I invested a lot of the time fixing bugs, refactoring and gradually making the game more flexible & crawlish. Those things should had been fixed before any kind of demo. Sadly, I still don't have a demo. However, fear not as I already started working on my itch.io page…
* fixed audio bugs, mostly on Android; implementation of JIT audio loading/playing/releasing because OpenSL ES is just too restricted.
* Restructuring of camera's perspective & playing with vanishing points to allow greater visibility of ground items on current party's square.
* Minor fixes to minimap
* Lots of fixes to event system
* Replacement of old NPC graphics with new ones (centaur & cart), which should elevate the crawlermetric of the game; more investment on pixel-art & software.
* Ground items are finally completed; really a milestone as there are around 25+ different variants, each one carefully modeled & converted to pixelart.

and a lot of more errors that I'm quite lazy to write about.
Enjoy the images:

That's all, hope they're making up for the big time gap since last update.
Add some feedback or three, thanx!
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