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June 15th, 2008, 04:25
Originally Posted by azraelck View Post
It was every two years, Corwin, but they must have changed it.

Another issue I have with the Devs. Though they seem to be dead and gone; good riddance.
Technically they haven't changed it, it's just someone else bought the game. As far as I know SS is dead and gone. From my understanding Decklin bought the rights to the game. You can buy the boxed set over at his site http://www.decklinsdomain.com/games/…m#DevilWhiskey

As for the devs I don't know what happened but they just gave up on the game. So I'm glad that someone else has it now. What they do with the game is uncertain but there is still a little bit of activity over at the forums. Mainly if you have any questions Growler, Dragonbait, Chaney and origen seem to visit the site the most and will answer any questions you have.http://forums.devilwhiskey.com/index.php

@corwin I think it is safe to go back to the forums now since the devs haven't been heard from in a long time and someone else owns the game now
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