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October 6th, 2019, 13:48
Gamingbolt interviewed developers One More Level about first person cyberpunk action title Ghostrunner.

Can you speak to us about combat? Melee combat can be tricky to pull off in first person games, but Ghostrunner's combat is looking fast and kinetic.

It's true that players often find feeling the distance and the range of the blow hard. That's why we're using a system known from, for example, slashers where the player is drawn to the enemy. Our one-hit-one-kill mechanic is very satisfying as you can see the result of the hit immediately. The combat in Ghostrunner is quite fast, requires dexterity, but the trial and error method is another part of the game: there's nothing unusual about dying several times at one point.

Ghostrunner has shown some interesting glimpses of what looks like slick, fast-paced platforming. How much of a focus is that going to be in the game?

We treat fast-paced platforming and the whole movement system as a core mechanic. According to our premise, reaching the enemy in one piece should be a challenge for the player, not just killing them.

Will combat and platforming expand as players earn more abilities?

Yes, we're taking a character development system into account. It would cover both movement and combat abilities as well as new skills, which we have not disclosed yet.

Thanks Farflame!

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