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November 12th, 2012, 19:05
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The nature of the business when? 20 years ago probably.

If he is able to deliver, means if the audience is happy, he can grab just any sum needed on Kickstarter for BG3. And 4.
But why would he take the responsibility? It's better to blame it on customers if sales fail.
They don't own the rights to BG3 so they can't just start a kickstarter. We don't know the arrangement they have but it's common sense that if the enhanced editions do well then they have a better chance of making BG3.

do you really think they will get the green light on BG3 if the enhanced editions tank? The ability to get the rights to BG3 are probably tied to the success of the enhanced editions. (Speculation on my part)

It's easy to sit back with no knowledge or financial stake in the situation and say what they should be able to do.

As far as responsibility there's no responsibility to take until the enhanced editions are released. It will either tank or be a success and then they can take responsibility or credit that is due.

I for one am not basing my buying decision on BG3 at all. I want to play the enhanced editions and will buy them BG3 or not. So I don't feel blackmailed or responsible for anything.
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