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March 12th, 2018, 16:13
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
FFXV is basically a road trip game, that's it. Put all the chocobos you want on it, it's still a game about nothing.
Road trip? Not really.

- To upgrade your car for "road trip" you need to find stuff (usually through sidequests).
- Certain car upgrade makes it possible to drive it outside of the road. Before that you can't drive it away from asphalt so you'll have to go to interesting spots either on foot or on chocobo.
- Post endgame certain upgrade turns the car into flying machine where you can access some areas not possible otherwise. Because no roads lead there.

- Chocobo riding is a skill that levels up based on the amount of time you spend on their backs and it improves their stamina and stuff (max is lv 99).
- Chocobo does not care if it's road or not, you can ride them everywhere.

- You want to stay on foot as much as possible till you get Survival skill to level 10 (max) so you can loot the best items. Yea, it improves by you just walking/running all over the place. No, it doesn't improve so fast you'd soon abandon it for good and go "roadtrip" only, after doing all possible sidequests in chapter 3 and staying on foot as much as possible, I barely reached level 7.

- While in car, you can fasttravel (to certain spots). Where's the trip?

FF15 is not roadtrip game. It's endless respawns game with enjoyable visuals, music, sounds and japanese voiceover.
In it's core it's still a mindless grinder designed to look beautiful on streams. I have a hard time to call it a game. It's more of a decoration.
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