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April 11th, 2013, 12:53
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True, but who's to say if the million who bought the game actually liked it? Usually the vast majority of people don't state their opinion about a game and it's only a minority who are vocal haters or fanboys.

I think the closest one can get to somewhat "objectively" judge the quality of a game is to use a mix of critics reviews, user ratings and opinions from trusted sources. None of the three are infallible by themselves, but the combination of them is usually pretty accurate.

Concerning the more recent Bioware titles I think using that kind of judging method shows that they were quite flawed and nothing to be overly proud of. Now whether it's the fault of the Doctors or EA's fault I can't really tell, but frankly I also don't care.
I'm not saying a million people like it - it's a hypothetical scenario.

But if you want to use a mix of critics reviews and user ratings - it seems that most of their latest games are quite popular. Personally, I honestly don't think there's ANY way to get even remotely objective when it comes to quality. There's no such thing as an accurate quality measurement when it comes to a game. There are too many factors involved - and preferences are too varied in the audience.

In that same way, I don't think democracy reflects the true wishes of the people.

It's all just a bunch of opinions based on as many different criteria for quality as there are people voting or rating.

No, I wouldn't try to claim that Bioware games are objectively good or bad. All I know is that I don't think they're subjective expressions of a vision (shared or otherwise) - and that's enough for me to say that I don't personally think they're very interesting games.

Generally, I'm not looking for a game where the developer is trying to please me. I'm looking for a game where the developer is trying to express something from within.

It's like when you meet a girl. You can either try to play role and try to do something that you think might appeal to her. But, ultimately, the only way to establish a relationship that can last is to be true to yourself and express yourself as honestly as you can. You may be able to "lure" them to bed - but you're not going to keep them by pretending to be something you're not.

Companies like EA and Bioware are all about luring the audience to bed - and they're clearly not too interested in lasting relationship.




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