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April 26th, 2013, 23:39
I see that this forums is still the same, it's now just an annex of Codex. Ie there's a strict blueprint on how must be a RPG. That's a rather erroneous point of view. Tag ME2 or ME3 in anything else than RPG would be ridiculous. On this base for me ME2 and ME3 are a lot better than ME1. I'm not more right than those who think differently but those who think ME1 is better aren't more right than me either.

How evolved this forum with constant whining, I see that it's still the same and it's still incredibly linked with a name Bioware. Not first time I mention it, it's time Bioware disappear, myself I'll regret it but they generate too much hate.

That said Bioware is probably a large part the origin of those big RPG kickstarters. So all this hate will perhaps generated in the end something good. But well let see the results.
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