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June 18th, 2008, 16:46
Handful of classics for me. I'm another one who frequently drops games in the middle and never finishes them. I do finish and replay the games that give me an experience I'm looking for, however.

It depends heavily on the type of game--I find you can replay a good action rpg or strategy game forever-- MOO2 will always have a place on my hard drive, and I still make and play maps for Heroes 3, and fire up Titan Quest occasionally.

But RPGs are different. I don't find many of them replayable, but the ones I do I seem to replay annually.(Might & Magics.) I'm doing my first Torment replay atm and enjoying it, and I look forward to replaying The Witcher when the EE comes out. Arcanum is always good for a re-visit. But that's about it.
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