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April 16th, 2021, 20:38
I bet you mean the quest with the new waterbased boss (never regretted having Kaeya as the main party leader) and the appearance of the twin, yes it was good.

But all 1.4 minigames, not sure which ones, were all plain rubbish. Baloons, disappearing floors and crap with out of sync wasd+ijkl mushrooms emulation, then arena with specific stage bonuses and finally mini oceanid's bubble… For god's sakes.

I've been totally ignoring abyss for months, it's annoying and rewards are what? Gems. LOL
Not caring as long as it's not a character or a prototype as on lower levels (Xiangling on the third floor).

None of my characters is level 90. Deliberately, I don't want to miss the trashmobs XP.
DPS characters (Kaeya, Xiangling, Xinyan) are lv85, while my supports (Barb, Benny, Venti, Zhongli, Noelle, Lisa, Fischl) are all lv80.
I'm currently combining the third team, not decided exactly who's gonna be in it but Mona goes in definetly who I brought to lv70 currently.

No, I still don't have Diluc and honestly if I ever get him, he'll probably get benched as some others I want to have at my disaposal are priority (Razor, Chongyun, Diona) but can't build them due to mats scarcity.

btw my Kaeya is 10/10/10. Did you manage to crown all talents on anyone?
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