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April 9th, 2021, 18:38
I've progressed quite far in very little time in my NG+ of Bloodborne. I think I'm really overpowered, and I can breeze most situations without even being careful. Which might make it dangerous for later on, if I lose even the little skills I developed in the initial run. But I breezed through Cleric Beast. Father Gascoigne only killed me twice, before finishing him off. And I did it without using the story item that debiliatates him 3 times throughout the fight. I was surprised at that. And I just cleared the whole of catherdral ward without even breaking a sweat. I take on the huge skeletons without even a worry. And throughout this whole run I switched my main weapon to the Chikage, which does damage over time to the wielder, when useed it in its transformed mode.

I wonder when it'll get hard again. But I'm gonna knock on wood, and milk this feeling of overpoweredness for all it's worth. It feels great to not really be stressed and worried all the time.
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