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September 22nd, 2021, 01:22
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
I don't get why you add so many to your ignore list….I'm pretty sure I'm on there just because I disagreed with you.

You are totally within your rights, but I prefer to state my objections instead of taking my ball and going home. Then again I think you can't even see this.
Well the ignore function doesn't really work that well in the first place. As all it does is put your post in a spoiler like tag saying this member is on your ignore list.

You can even read the post if you feel like which is counter productive to the ignoring in the first place. I used to have over a hundred members now it's just two.
Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
I can see why it would bother someone, and I think people should consider how it comes across, and makes the job feel like a drag. There are comments here and in other threads that definitely imply failings in the newsposting. I've noticed it, quite independently of Redglyph.
In my defense I like to semi-troll with sarcasm and humor. It's not always taken well. So give @HiddenX and @Silver my most humble apologizes if I ever slighted them.

Now I believe that's it as I'm getting way off-topic.
“Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks.”
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