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September 22nd, 2021, 04:49
Originally Posted by JFarrell71 View Post
Blatantly untrue. Lackblogger's post comments directly on Red's decision to include said post, implying bad judgment in doing so.

Your entire approach in this thread is poor form for a poster, terrible form for a moderator. Instead of agreeing with or simply keeping silent about a mild attempt by Ripper to discourage berating Red for doing their job, you've decided to make this thread a soapbox for how you think everyone should receive criticism and "humor." If you're thick skinned, good for you. When you start telling everyone else how to feel, that's another issue.

But you didn't stop there, not even close. You also decided to make this thread an open display of your contempt for a fellow board member and moderator. "Every post of yours is dripping with it." Where did this resentment come from? Can't have started today. I don't find Ripper to be any more sarcastic than the average board member, and considerably less so than many (including me, tbh). And "blindly agreeing"? Maybe she just, you know, actually agrees with Red. That ever occur to you? Again your use of the adjective "blindly" reveals some deep unwarranted hostility.

Maybe you should hang up your moderator hat and just be a poster.
I didn't take Lackblogger's post that way at all. Suggestions for focusing on different content are fine imo.

I expressed my opinion. I didn't tell other people how to feel about things. Sorry if you took it that way.

Telling Ripper he is often sarcastic is just an observation. I meant no more or less by it. Although I'll admit I got a bit testy.

When I said I don't want to appear to blindly agree I meant just that. Its good for there to be disagreements from time to time.

Just to clarify. I'm not a moderator just a news poster.

Please don't project hostile intentions onto me. I don't hate Ripper or anyone else on this forum. I am apparently not very good at not being blunt for which I apologise.
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