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September 22nd, 2021, 11:51
Originally Posted by Redglyph View Post
Believe me, there's no privilege spending time trying to find what entertains you. I'm not a professional doing a paid job, nor am I using the forums to post what I already know. It's simply easier for us newsposters to start with what we know and can assess.

But I'm trying to post news that are outside of my comfort zone now and then. Like this one, or about JRPGs, because I know that some of you like that. And I'm more than happy to hear feedback on it, especially if that lets me see exactly what it is you like or dislike.

There's a way to suggest articles if you'd like to see it published, that's what I did when I wasn't part of the team, and what a few others do. Of course it's always easier to criticize than to participate, isn't it. Same old story.

You also have to understand that we need to maintain some motivation and get some satisfaction out of it. Plus it has to be satisfying for most readers too. So I can't just go about posting news and ignoring the response, it's not sustainable.
No, I get it, and sometimes there is nothing new to talk about, so you have to bring in those "lists" of "best RPG of the decade" and such, to keep the conversations going. I understand that, and often it's overseen how hard it's to create interest where there is none.

In general, I just prefer if people can give their opinions, heated as they are, without losing their nerve. It's okay to have strong feelings about a topic, afterall, we are passionate about videogames, and that's why we are here.
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