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November 13th, 2018, 13:00
Not really, sound different again, but for god's sakes where were you hiding that title? I want to watch it asap! Maybe it's good, maybe it's not, but synopsis sounds promising.
Find me more please! Don't be dartagnan who doesn't appreciate gems coming from his country. Okay, he doesn't appreciate anything really unless it fits his delusions about real life and actual people.

As this is series thread, speaking about dart's delusions where 99.99% of people are disgustingly good while just an irrelevant minority is "flawed", lemme remind everyone that there is very good show also from Belgium. Because it got burried with beating the dead mainstream horses:
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
My exploration of exotics turned out fruitful (again? yes again!).

This series starts slow, honestly, they could (and should have) cut at least a third from first 3 episodes. Each episode is an hour and 20 minutes long!
But when things start rolling, hell I wished later episodes lasted even longer. Okay I'm exaggerating, later episodes don't waste time and justify every second.

Did anyone watch Justified? The show widely known as "presents what USA actually looks like"? Well, not really, Justified was one of those series that shows what humanity looks like.
This time, the hell breaks lose in a small town in Belgium where someone is killing children. There, just a few good people are struggling against the majority. Majority is evil people. No, not horror movies cliches, there is a different scale of evil in each character, you'll find your neighbors, coworkers, friends and family in each of them!

Can't now remember who wrote the other day noone was born evil. Dunno where you live, everyone was born evil, including you and me. Over time we accepted it fully or partially, or ditched it completely.
This series is not ment for those who believe everyone is good by default. It's for all of you, all of us to be precise, who are struggling against evil majority.

The show comes from Belguim and is titled Ennemi public.

Because of a few boring (okay, GRINDING!) parts in first three episodes and several hollywoodized "let's look badass" illogical scenes (you don't pull out gun for no reason while a house is empty) I can't put max score on this.

Whatever you're watching currently, just drop it and find out who's killing children in this near masterpiece:

Now please. Before Hollywood learns about it and does a silly remake.

A question, do we have anyone from Belgium here? It was a coincidence I stumbled upon this show while I was searching something else. Any other title I should give a try?
Hint: You sure I'm wrong about humanity? Okay then. Google for "war atrocities" please.
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