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October 10th, 2011, 23:09
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Since you seem so fond of accusing people of this: Have you even played the Drakensang games? Drakensang and NWN might bare extremely basic similarities, but they don't play "exactly the same" with the only difference being the ruleset. NWN1 didn't have a party at the player's command, and the single-player campaign was an afterthought. NWN2 has much more in common, but that wasn't a Bioware game. Even then, NWN2 didn't feel "exactly the same." Drakensang (at least River of Time) had better production values and much better visuals compared to the NWN games, which it should, considering it was released much later. RoT also had a very unique setting that was different from the typical Dn'D fantasy realms seen in NWN. So what exactly was Drakensang "trying so hard to copy" from NWN again? Your Bio-crusades take weird turns sometimes.
I'm well aware this is a European centric website, but seriously it feels the exact same because they copied the presentation style to a T. Of course it has different areas and such, but it was very similar in layout, which is not a bad thing, but they obviously took their cues from NWN. Yes, NWN2 was not made by bioware, but they did play a large hand in it, since the engine was an upgraded nwn engine. I would never say Drakensang production values were better, unless when it was reelased in german the voice acting and lines were that much better? Man, your biohate has come to new levels, now if only they were european company huh??
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