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October 10th, 2011, 23:38
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I'm well aware this is a European centric website, but seriously it feels the exact same because they copied the presentation style to a T. Of course it has different areas and such, but it was very similar in layout, which is not a bad thing, but they obviously took their cues from NWN. Yes, NWN2 was not made by bioware, but they did play a large hand in it, since the engine was an upgraded nwn engine. I would never say Drakensang production values were better, unless when it was reelased in german the voice acting and lines were that much better? Man, your biohate has come to new levels, now if only they were european company huh??
I seriously don't care where a developer is from, or who the developer is, when I look at a game - I judge it on its own merits. You should try that some time . I actually enjoyed every Bioware release before DA2 and ME2, and if they ever make a game that appeals to me again, I would gladly play it. You claim that there is some inherent bias that causes North American games to be judged in a harsh manner, but aren't you doing the exact same thing in reverse and being unfair towards European games? Fighting bias with a different bias isn't going to solve anything. Drakensang might not have great voice acting thanks to translation issues and a lack of budget to bring it to a high level in non-native languages, but just about everything else - such as artistic direction, engine performance/stability, interface, overall graphics - was better than NWN1 or 2. And that's by no means an insult; Drakensang 1+2 were much newer games running on a more modern engine.

As far as Drakensang "copying" NWN goes, the only thing Drakensang has in common with NWN is being in a fantasy setting and having quasi turn-based combat with active pause. That doesn't make Drakensang a NWN clone, just as Fallout 3 isn't a Stalker clone simply because they are both post-nuclear war RPGs.
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