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October 12th, 2011, 05:17
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You know, I felt exactly *this way* when I was in the Elven Ruins in Dragon Age 1. It felt so much similar to the Bosparanian Ruins from Drakensang 2 …
That's an interesting one, Alrik - although I think Dragon Age was released in November 2009, whilst for River of Time it was early 2010? I must admit I didn't pick up on the similarities, but I did play them in the reverse order to you.
To be honest I very much doubt if there would have been much of an influence on each other. Aventuria and Thedas though sharing fantasy tropes and features of cRPGs, they are in many ways, at opposing ends of the spectrum - particularly in tone.

As for the Drakensang vs NWN2 argument, it's a little silly and pointless I think. Kind of strange to see it rise up in this thread. Sure, they share core similarities (camera perspectives, being party based, real time with pause combat, fantasy tropes) but I don't think it's rocket science to illustrate the differences either.

NWN2 takes a far more cinematic approach to its classic yet slightly generic AD&D fantasy tale. It's constructed in a way that's reminiscent of the style seen in the Knights of the Old Republic games. Whilst Drakensang is far more fairy-tale like, wholesome and light hearted; with more of a child-like sense of adventure. It's also a slower, more fondly told tale that I think is influenced more by Baldur's Gate (especially in the banter department) than NWN.

I had a similar argument with DArt regarding Drakensang's supposed "lacking a soul" a while back and I still steadfastly disagree with that notion. Nerevarine makes a good point when he suggests that imagination draws more life from the game and helps to fill in the gaps, as does the willingness to invest in a world, how much you believe in the archetypes the game presents and how the mechanics and story's interplay affects you.

I think my feelings on the game have been reinforced by my positive experiences with The River of Time. But they're not games for everyone - I can understand other perspectives too.
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