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September 28th, 2020, 13:10
A little bit of thread necro, but I tried the most recent build that was released last Friday, and the game is a buggy mess. It looks pretty but is massively unstable, falling through the world, stats you can't click on, etc. Monsters can attack and hit you from a great distance, through walls, behind doors, on a different level of a building, etc. Character portraits are messed up, there are dozens but you can only pick from two before needing to restart character creation. It's just poorly done at this point. Also, for some reason the guy named his magic system with nonsense names. Why? No idea. I'm sure he thought it was valid. Those spells can disappear after purchase, the icons go white and you can't click on them. I had one guy die in a battle and the game acted like it was a whole party wipe. Avoid this for now.

However, the developer seems pretty nice and the folks from Celestial Heavens haven't scared him away from trying yet. This game is much farther from being a release candidate than Legendary Journeys, which isn't as pretty but is much more playable at this point. Both games have a lot of bugs, but LJ is in a playable state where you won't die because of the game engine
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