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October 31st, 2007, 19:03
Originally Posted by Tom Ohle View Post
Considering I was along with CD Projekt every step of the way, I have to disagree with that assessment.
Fine, since I was not along with CDP and I can only guess from what I've been hearing and reading, why don't you give us the true version of the story? Also, under what capacity were you along with CDP? I think it would be great for all of us to know how you did end up with what I consider a mess.

Originally Posted by Tom Ohle View Post
There was always close contact with the ESRB throughout development. If they HAD submitted one with all of the nudity at the end of the dev cycle and we'd found out that an AO would have been bestowed, there's little chance the game would be out right now.
Again, I don't quite follow. Where there is a will there is a way. Couldn' it be possible for example to submit both versions for rating and decide which one to publish afterwards? Why did it have to be near the very end of development, hasn't the content of the game been determined for a while now? Do you work for Atari?

Originally Posted by Tom Ohle View Post
But an AO video game will not be carried by retail stores. So sure, it's possible to release an AO game, but you'll only be selling it online. Stores do not stock AO titles.
You completely missed my point here. Porn is not carried by retail stores either. OTOH I and many others are not purchasing any 'Atari version'. And I'm sure The Witcher will be in the 'most imported' list in USA.

If you do work for Atari, I think you have a great game in your hands and you missed the opportunity to take the risks it deserves.

[edit] just found out you're Bioware, my questions still remain though. Also: which version will *you* be playing?
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