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October 31st, 2007, 20:02
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Fine, since I was not along with CDP and I can only guess from what I've been hearing and reading, why don't you give us the true version of the story? Also, under what capacity were you along with CDP? I think it would be great for all of us to know how you did end up with what I consider a mess.
I was the PR person representing CD Projekt and The Witcher right until Atari signed on to publish the game, and I'm now a PR person representing the game for Atari.

Again, I don't quite follow. Where there is a will there is a way. Couldn' it be possible for example to submit both versions for rating and decide which one to publish afterwards? Why did it have to be near the very end of development, hasn't the content of the game been determined for a while now? Do you work for Atari?
Then you would have still had to do the work to make the edits and MAYBE received the rating you wanted. I don't work for Atari or CDP directly, so I can't say exactly when the game was shown to the ESRB or the discussions that went on about the content. I can say that it's unlikely that the content was cut just because Atari felt that would be suitable. As others have said in this thread, Atari is publishing the unedited version elsewhere, so this isn't some big corporation coming in and censoring a title worldwide.

You completely missed my point here. Porn is not carried by retail stores either. OTOH I and many others are not purchasing any 'Atari version'. And I'm sure The Witcher will be in the 'most imported' list in USA.

[edit] just found out you're Bioware, my questions still remain though. Also: which version will *you* be playing?
But the fact is, porn can still be purchased at stores -- they just happen to only sell porn. There's no such thing (well, not on a wide basis, at least) as an adults-only game store. The Witcher is rated M in North America, meaning that it's only suitable for players over the age of 17. The AO (Adults Only) rating is a death kiss for any product that hopes to sell well, because stores will not sell the game. There have only ever been a handful of AO games, because when a game is threatened with an AO rating (see Manhunt 2, GTA: San Andreas) the companies go back and -- at great expense -- have to edit the content. AO is not an acceptable rating in the current business climate in North America.

Personally, I'm playing the Euro version because that was the first I could get my hands on. I'd be perfectly happy with the edited one, though, because I don't need digital breasts and pubic hair -- I'm perfectly fine seeing the real thing, or if I'm really struggling with my libido, I do have this thing called the internet .
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