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January 22nd, 2013, 18:41
Ahh, thank you once more gentlemen. Mission accomplished.

I used the covetous serpent ring to farm some humanity in a general back pedalling assault upon the 'Burg and Depths. Then I decided to upgrade my holy robe and temporarily ditch my elite knight armour, which proved to be a good decision. It's remarkable how reflexes can compensate for the lack of strong armour. Whilst melee errors are dealt with more harshly now, the extra movement speed and overall extra agility definitely appear to make up for it.

I also upgraded my lightning mace, switched to the Eagle Shield (thanks for the tip Ballsy!) and upgraded it, bought more black bombs, green herbs for stamina and even some dung pies if it got desperate.

The fight was much more dynamic with the Solaire summoning, with lots of different movements and positional advantages depending on who's attacking who. I went toe to toe with just Ornstein and got him down half way, then somehow we managed to switch opponents.

I'd almost smashed Smough down to a quarter of his health when Solaire finally polished off Ornstein. I got a bit dismayed/concerned when that golden Buddha of Bludgeon got his health back and got a case of spark possession, but with a curse we went back at 'im.

Using sequenced and timed attacks after Solaire's strikes (team work!) we whittled him down to about half way before his lightning-out-of-the-ass jump move sadly finished off Solaire. At this point, I thought I was a goner, with only a couple of estus shots left (now upgraded to +3).

This is where the black bombs came in handy; as using the same simple method I used against Sif, I knocked him down bit by bit, fleeing each time to hide behind what was left of the pillars. A couple more well timed side-hacks with the mace and he finally zapped into non-existence.

Easily my most intense boss-fight thus far. Interesting to see what else the game has in store…as progress implies the difficulty will yet rise even further? After reaching the next bonfire, I decided to to light it and take a rest. *whew!*
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