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January 23rd, 2013, 03:21
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I'm curious.. I've seen very little mention of the online aspects being mentioned here. No stories of another player invading your world and making off with some of your hard-earned souls. Are most of you guys playing in offline mode?
Depends on what you mean by offline. If you mean GFWL offline mode, this means that you cannot use the online aspects of the game (PvP, co-op/being invaded) and of course you have different save files from the online mode. With GFWL online, you can use the multiplayer aspects of the game, and if you are Human then you can summon online players to help you in your fights, or you can get invaded by other players who can kill you and take you souls and humanity. If you are Hollow, you will not be invaded even in online mode.

I mostly play hollow, but tried human few times just for fun and been invaded about 3 times, and won the fight each time winning considerable souls which was exciting!
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