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January 23rd, 2013, 05:47
See post 86. I've had souls/humanity stolen a few times.

I'm not really a fan of the pvp aspect, as I've been quite unceremoniously slaughtered at low level a few times during a period when I've not fully understood how the humanity mechanic operates. The way it works is interesting though and I certainly appreciate the idea and the design.
I play mostly offline now, saves the hassle.

Basically if you wish to be summoned, you leave a mark/sign for other players to see, often near a bonfire. I've tried to summon a few times, but they can fail, so players must be able to decline. I assume that if you lose as a summoned phantom in a co-op battle, you're merely destroyed and sent back to your own world without soul loss, (which is what happened to me in Anor Londo and the black orb) but if you invade and go PvP and then die, loss of souls/humanity occurs. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
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