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August 25th, 2014, 14:07
While the interview is great, it's still no Dead State for me.
And I remember why I didn't back it in the first place:
- randomized events that unfold over months of in-game time
- Scavenging mechanics that require players to find supplies, weapons, armor, and other items to keep their allies fed and alive
- Random encounters can be added based on in-game time or from decisions you've made, but since the game is based on real locations, named areas will always be in the same place. While loot is random, enemies are pre-determined, but zombies can always be attracted to the map if you make too much noise.

They could just replace this with one word. Grinding.

If however someone mods probably endless respawns out of the game, I'll buy it. Because it has no multiplayer and DLC, if happens, will be free.
I'd be a shame if I skip a possibly great game just because of nonexisting in reality perpetuum mobile.
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