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April 11th, 2021, 22:13
We like to have movie nights on Friday, and usually there's a long-running theme (e.g. earlier this year the theme was "catch up on Marvel movies").
At the moment it's disaster movies. We haven't exactly been watching them with a critical eye, more like seeking brainless thrills. Junkfood for the brain while we stuff our faces with junkfood.

So far we've watched:
Greenland - featuring Gerard Butler being Gerard Butler. We enjoyed this one quite a bit, and it ended up being less OTT than some. Walked the line of OTT action set-pieces and grim reality quite nicely.
San Andreas - featuring The Rock being The Rock. Way freakin OTT, very silly, but also lots of fun.
Geostorm - more Gerard Butler, but trying to sound American and failing. Very silly movie, and not enough disaster stuff. Had its moments, just needed way more of them.
The Day After Tomorrow - I saw this when it first came out and remember thinking it was a bit stupid, but in this company it's the picture of restraint. We enjoyed this one quite a bit. Cold, lots of cold. Brrr.
Poseidon - this is essentially a remake of The Poseidon Adventure, a movie that freaked me out when I was very very young. There's something about deep water, sinking in deep oceans… drowning in tight spaces… Anyway, we liked this one quite a bit, and it kept us guessing about who would die and who wouldn't (it's not the same as the original in that regard).
Into the Storm - a much lower budget movie about tornado chasers, featuring Rick Grimes' wife. Some creaky SFX, but it entertained nevertheless.
Titanic - when I saw this I though it was one of the most overrated movies of all time, but I was a much more cynical chap back then. I enjoyed it a lot more this time, and the kids got to see the source of some memes they know. We're moving into more realistic fare here, I'm not sure you'd call it "fun".
The Impossible - continuing our move into more realistic stuff, starring a very young Tom Holland, as well as Obi Wan and Naomi Watts. The kids bailed out part way into this one - a bit grim for them. The wife and I stayed through to the end. It was powerful stuff, all the more due to us knowing several groups who were in the area at the time. Definitely not popcorn stuff (despite the happyish ending).

That's it so far. Need to find some more "fun" ones to keep the kids interested…
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